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19 February 2022 21:51 With today's server save, five new bosses have been added to the boss room, have fun!


Hello players, the day has finally come, after all those hours testing, having fun in the main city pub, laughing about the process we all built together, the server has finally launched.

We are expecting to give all of you a fun experience, with a lot of well-implemented systems, such as dodge, critical, mana leech, life leech and constant balance between the classes based on testing.

Build your way around the land, keep your eyes open, some quests are not discovered yet, we hope you are the first to find them.

If you´re a person that craves for challenging fights, do not despair, you will soon find many wild beasts hiding far within the depths of mysterious dungeons, waiting for an adventurer to face them.

And creatures even in the deep seas....

If owning and decorating a home is more up your alley we also have many georgeously-designed houses throught all our cities, and if you haven't yet found one that suits you, just want and you'll see new ones designed in future updates.

We hope to hear about you soon.

That is all for now, have fun.

See you online!
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